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Do you own an electric car? We need your help

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    It’s a few years ago since the Nissan Leaf arrived in the UK, now they are a common sight on UK roads. Are you an electric car driver? If so, we’d like to hear your opinions.

    • Have you found your EV (Electric Vehicle) a practical way to travel?
    • Is your EV cheap to run and maintain?
    • Is your EV reliable and how does the battery range hold-up as it ages?
    • Has your motor insurance become cheaper or more expensive?
    • Where do you charge your EV and is it possible to do long journeys?
    • Have you tried to sell or trade-in a used EV, or cancel a battery hire lease agreement?

    So many questions!

    Please help others who may be considering this potentially greener option for getting around by posting a new topic with answers to the above.

    Here’s one owners experience of the Renault ZOE.

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    Have had a Renault Zoe 40kw for about a Month and I am just settling down to the new style of ownership. The Zoe with a range of 184 to 190 mile is a practical alternative. Have traveled regular journeys including one to London from home and back and got home with 50 miles left. Used Eco mode for most of the route.
    The mileage calculator appears to be accurate although at the present I like to have a contingency.
    Charging has been easy at home but have not had to charge away from home yet.
    My motor insurance stayed the same.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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